About Us

Our Company

Dwight Bill and Noreen Bill established our firm in 1993. Over the years, our firm has grown mostly by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers. Ultimately our goal is to create high quality of service, appropriate to the Florida lifestyle and climate. We offer a wide range of pest control services - from rodent trapping, ant and roach elimination to turf, shrub and tree pest control and fertilization.

Mission Statement

Bon Voyage means "Pleasant Journey" in French. Our goal is to provide the peace of mind, pride of property ownership and the security of a healthy living environment needed to make life a "Pleasant Journey". Viva La Difference!!!

Dwight & Noreen Bill


  • We want to thank you for taking care of this matter for us. We appreciate that whenever we need to get in touch with you, you always follow up with a call. This is very important to us because we are up north in the summer and are unable to look after things ourselves. We feel that you are doing a very good job and we are looking forward to working with you in the years to come.
    Patty M.
  • We have had a working relationship with Bon Voyage Pest Control for over fifteen years. The service and results in both the interior pest control and lawn & shrub have been excellent. We personally recommend Bon Voyage to all our customers.
    Ron Torp
  • Bon Voyage has been our pest control company of choice for many years. Their service has been prompt and reliable. To be successful in the lawn and landscape business you have to give great service and outstanding results in a timely manner. Bon Voyage has helped us accomplish those results.
    Robert Soto
  • We have been customers of Bon Voyage Pest Control for 14 years this September, 2009. They have always treated us with respect, kindness and are always there when we needed them. We had so many ants in our home that the smoke alarms kept going off. The problem was taken care of and has not been a problem since. Our cat was very old and sickly: Bon Voyage took extra care when servicing the interior. Our cat liked them too.
    Carol Sheets
  • I met Joe, the interior technician for Bon Voyage Pest Control through a friend of mine. He took care of my ants in a heartbeat! I was really impressed with the service and how prompt Joe was. Bon Voyage service has been wonderful and still is.
    Joe D. Sizemore
  • I have known Joe (Bon Voyage Pest Control interior tech) for a long time now. He has always been a gentleman and a friend. Last year, he helped me get my Christmas decorations down form the attic and then came back after the holidays and put them back up in the attic, all while ridding me of my pest problems. He’s been more than thoughtful. God Bless.
    D. Stewart