Home Pest Control

The Bon Voyage Team are your Home Pest Control experts in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers. Bugs can cause a serious health risk to your family, if you have ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, or any other pests we can help. Bugs can destroy the foundations of your home, bite, and even cause you to suffer from allergies. The moment you spot a pest, you should call Bon Voyage Pest Control. The first sign of pests is usually an indication of infestation. Once the pests have been removed from your home it is important to continue with exterior pest control to ensure that they do not return. With locations in Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs we’re just a phone call away. Contact us at Bon Voyage Pest Control for a free estimate.

Bon Voyage Home Pest Control Services Include: Free home inspection and estimate, expert pest control of cockroach, ant, rodent, spider, white fly, silverfish, worms and more. We can help prevent insects and other pests from attacking your home now, and prevent them from returning in the future. Our team of exterminators and pest control experts are here for you.

If you are looking for home pest control in the Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs areas please contact us at one of out three locations:

Naples Home Pest Control: (239) 201-7474

Bonita Springs Home Pest Control: (239) 947-6394

Fort Myers Home Pest Control: (239) 334-8500