Estero is an emerging city in Lee County boasting one of the most popular new shopping plazas in the area. Shopping centers bring people together from many different parts of the country and world. Many new bug species are introduced to the area on a daily basis. They are also at risk of having larger rodent populations due to outdoor food and beverage areas.

Estero pest control is unique as the city continues to grow. With the addition of lovely gated communities and plaza’s, this area needs to be protected from certain forms of pests. Our professionals are experienced with the common Florida pests and keep up to date as new species invade the area. Protecting your home, lawn, commercial investment is our priority.

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Bon Voyage Pest Control knows that treating all areas of the property for pest control is crucial to prevention. Home pest control without lawn pest control means stopping on army at base camp while an entire force of supply troops are marching up your lawn. If your home is pest-free there are important preventative pest control measures to help keep it that way. For quality and professional exterminators in Estero, Florida call Bon Voyage today.

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