Lawn & Shrub Control

Lawn & Shrub Control

Unfortunately even healthy lawns can develop disease and insect problems which if left untreated can destroy an entire yard. When we are servicing your property we are always on the lookout for these types of problems. If any problems are evident we will notify you immediately and with your permission take the necessary steps to control them.
Prevention of pest damage for your lawn and shrubs is a best practices measure by Bon Voyage Pest Control.

Pest Prevention Methods

Our pest prevention methods have been proven effective for many years. We undersand the life cycle of Floirda pests and bring to our customers the peace of mind that your investment in your landscaping is our top priority.

Effective and Affordable Services

When the damage is done it is a more involved and often costly process to get your lawn or shrubs back to looking good. We count on our years of experience in the southwest Florida pest control industry to provide effective and affordable pest control services.