Tree Oz Rescue

Bon Voyage Pest Controls Tree Oz Tree Rescue and Maintenance Program has been specifically designed with the health of several of your most precious parts of landscape in mind – PALMS AND TREES!
Our Program begins with a thorough inspection of your property by one of Bon Voyages own certified by University of Florida Palm and Tree Specialists. After careful inspection of your property, we will design an individual, specific TreeOz Tree Rescue and Maintenance Program tailored to meet your needs. One of the unique features of our program is that it not only benefits Palms but also Trees.

As a customer enrolled in our TreeOz Ongoing Maintenance Program, you also benefit from the application of our own unique, custom blend Gold Standard Granular Fertilizer, which we have designed specifically for Palms and Trees. It is blended and delivered to your property within 5 days. Now that is FRESH!

The TreeOz Emergency Treatment Program consists of a direct injection or drench of powerful special blended nutrients, pesticides, and/or fungicides created to rescue your tree or palm.

Bon Voyage Pest Control has the knowledge and over 25 years of local experience to handle many problems that other companies may not have the ability to handle. Our dedicated team strives daily to make your life a pleasant journey!

Bon Voyage Pest Control offers several treatment options to fit different tree pest problems

  • Direct Injections with a systemic pesticide that is absorbed through the tree making the entire tree lethal to insects.
  • Bud drenches (systemic pesticide applied from the top of the tree) for palm trees & foliar applications of pesticide, fungicide, and fertilizer.
  • Systemic root zone treatments that make the tree lethal to insects.

At Bon Voyage Pest Control we understand your landscape and your trees are an important and valuable asset. We are certified and have successfully been treating trees in the southwest Florida area for many years.

If you have any questions or would like a consultation regarding tree and lawn pest control please contact the Bon Voyage pest control office in your local area.